About the EP "Mazyck"

 Imagine there were no social norms introduced to condition us? Imagine no one was judgmental? Life would be amazing. This EP embodies someone who is simply free to do things the way they want. The whole message of this EP is to stand up and be your true self with no apologies. It lights the way for others to embrace individuality, to rebel. If you are a writer, write. If you are an artist, go after what you want, stand up tall and express every bit creativity as if no one is looking. The song "Glow" portrays a bad ass character who is a rebel. No one can tell her what to do, she is confident and is a symbol of strength. I came up with the name for my EP by using my last name. It means music in Arabic. It is a very diverse set of songs because I am an Alternative R&B singer. There's upbeat Pop elements, all the way to classic R&B. The songs are snap shots of what my soul has wanted to express. These songs have the ability to bring you to a euphoric land.

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