About Me 

Classic Alternative R&B seamlessly combined with rebellious spirited pop tracks and seasoned with refreshing bright vocals. TinaMazyck is a very unique and fresh artist who was trained professionally in opera and R&B style. Despite the fresh face to the scene, songstress TinaMazyck is racking up a growing appeal amongst fans and new comers. Her music speaks for itself, gaining the interest of small internet radio stations in the U.S and U.K. She has been featured on blogs and interviewed about her craft by radio stations, magazines and blogs. 

Some of TinaMazyck’s influences are Mariah Carey, Prince and Patti Labelle. Mariah Carey combines powerhouse vocals and soprano registers into her music that TinaMazyck also loves to do. She gives the best of both worlds. Prince gives us free spirit all around. From the sounds of his music to his confident personality. He represents an artist who is un-apoligetic and takes the world by storm. He stands as one of the most inspirational figures to TinaMazyck.The last impactful artist is Patti Labelle who is one of the best singers in the world. She combines some of the most powerful belting with emotionally expressive performances. When people listen to music, they want to be moved. Patti Labelle knows just how to bring that out and more. The foundation of TinaMazyck’s music is emotion that is passed on to listeners, accompanied by strong vocals.

TinaMazyck has successfully launched her first EP titled “Mazyck” and it is racking up many positive reviews in the social media community. All songs are written and arranged by herself after she dreams it. TinaMazyck values these two most important factors, authenticity and full creative control. The track “Musik” is Mazyck’s first baby. It is a classic, timeless ballad that reaches out to touch all. It entrances listeners with beautifully crafted vocals. “Glow”is a fun pop song that reflects her child like personality, crafted with an upbeat base and crisp vocals. These two songs are fan favorites. She says that all of her songs underlying messages are geared toward uncovering creativity, happiness and self acceptance.